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Blocked Drains?

We guarantee to get your drains flowing again, fast.

Our friendly experienced plumbers can clear all types of blocked drains and sewer pipes in Perth. We use a variety of methods to do this, depending on the situation and cause. For small drain obstructions, our "go to" is the electric eel, which uses mechanical feed rotating cables and cutting heads to clear the blockages. For the more challenging blockages our team will clear your drains using a hydro-jetter, an advanced jet that cleans the pipes using a high pressure water stream.

When drains have been breached by tree roots, the roots will continually grow back as they are dependent on the water flushing through as a food source. If your blocked drains have tree roots present, we recommend a regular maintenance drain clearing.

Our blocked drain plumbing service area runs across the Perth metro from Rockingham to Joondalup.

Drainage & Excavation

Not only can On Tap Plumbing & Gas clear your blocked drains, we also offer an extensive range of excavation works:

Blocked Drains Perth?
Drainage & Excavation
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