Blocked Drain Causes: Fat, Toilet Paper or Objects

22 May 2018    Blocked Drains

Toilets and toilet pipes get blocked when people put the wrong things down the toilet. Some of the things which should never be put down the toilet are foodscraps, paper, rags, cans, bottles, grease and fat.

Wastewater pipes from sinks, basins and laundry tubs can get blocked if people put food waste, especially tea leaves, hot fat and other rubbish down them. If hot fat is poured down an outlet pipe, it will set in the pipe when it cools and cause a blockage.

In addition to blockages caused by these materials, main sewer pipes can get blocked in other ways, see Blocked Drain Causes: Tree Roots, Concrete & Broken Pipes.

Fat Blockage

Fat blockages occur in kitchen sink pipework. It is a common practice for some people to wash the fat from a frying pan down the sink. As the fat travels down the pipe it cools and solidifies and over time the fat builds up and causes the pipe to become blocked.

Using an electric eel to try and clean a fat blockage in pipes is a waste of time. Because fat is so sticky, when the metal rod from the electric eel is pushed down the pipe the fat just sticks to the inside of the pipe and cannot be physically pushed down the pipe. A plumber will need to use a high pressure water jetter to clean the pipe. The high pressure water is used to dislodge the sticky fat and blast it out of the pipe to clear the blockage. Sometimes a grease release additive or hot water is also used in the jet rodder.

Toilet Paper Blockage

Excess toilet paper flushed down a toilet can sometimes cause the toilet to block up. This is usually considered a minor blockage and can often be cleared by plunging the toilet. A plunge will help the excess toilet paper to be dislodged and then continue moving down the pipe with a few flushes of the toilet.

Object Stuck in Pipe

Children seem to love flushing toilets. And it is exciting to see a small car or toys placed in the toilet and then magically disappear when the button is pressed. Any item apart from toilet paper that is flushed down a toilet can create a blockage. Even items such as ‘flushable wipes’ do not break apart easily and can get caught on a rough edge of the pipe and create a blockage.

Zac on the drain machine