Blocked Gutters, Downpipes and Soakwells

2 July 2018    Blocked Drains

Welcome to Winter Perth! Rain is forecast for all of this week and while that is great for the garden and the front lawn, it’s not so good if your gutters, downpipes and Soakwells if they haven’t been maintained correctly.

But don’t worry, the team at On Tap can help with that!

Firstly, let’s discuss the gutters around your house or commercial property – If you have large trees in the area the chances are that you will have a build up of leaves in your gutters and downpipes. This can lead to internal flood as gutters may not have overflows cut in that can handle the heavy rainfall. Best idea is to check your gutters and make sure they are free of leaves and other debris. If your roof is too high and you don’t have the required safety equipment please makes sure you get in touch and we can come out and take care of that for you. It’s not worth taking the risk over some leaves!

Secondly, let’s talk about Downpipes – Downpipe are the pipe connected to your gutters and often run down the exterior walls of your house or commercial building. They can get blocked up if your gutters are not cleaned regularly and have the potential to cause the gutters to back up and possibly overflow internally. We cover all areas of Perth and if you have blocked drains, gutter or downpipes give us a call!

Finally, what is at the end of the gutter -downpipe chain of command, is the Soakwell! Unfortunately, we only tend to notice an issue when the carpark or driveway is flooding. Soakwell’s can easily get blocked up if not regularly cleaned out. If you have high traffic areas, with trees and grass run-off areas around, the chances are there will be large amounts of debris flowing into your soakwells. Make sure you get an experienced technician out there to ensure they are working correctly and flooding will not impact your business or home in the event of heavy rainfall.