Heavy Rain in Perth this Winter

13 August 2018    Blocked Drains

Perth has been hit with some wild weather of late! I can’t believe the amount of rain we’ve had in such a short space of time. No doubt many people have experienced several rain-related issues, whether it be blocked gutter, blocked downpipe or leaking roofs! Many of these issues can be avoided with regular maintenance, which in turn saves time, money and stress. No one likes to see water dripping through a light fitting at 1 am in the morning.

We at On Tap Plumbing and Gas are well equipped to address these issues before they turn into bigger problems. By installing additional downpipes or an overflow in a gutter you can reduce the risk of any rain-related issues becoming big problems internally. If you have gutters that need inspecting, overflows or additional downpipes that need installing, feel free to get in touch.

Furthermore, once the rainwater has run off the roof and down the downpipes, the potential problems have not necessarily been avoided! Soak wells should be regularly cleaned out to ensure they are functioning correctly. Unfortunately, we often only realize this when we see flooding occurring during heavy rainfall. Regular maintenance on soak wells and stormwater drains can eliminate these flooding issues and reduce the risk to your home, or workplace. Especially critical in a commercial premise that holds stock which is susceptible to water damage!

We are able to implement regular preventative maintenance strategies that reduce the risk of businesses being disrupted by plumbing and roofing related issues.  Feel free to give us a call or email to discuss how we can assist.