Spring is here and so are blocked drains!

11 September 2018    Blocked Drains

Spring is here Perth! From Yanchep to Rockingham you will be enjoying the warmer weather, the brighter mornings and the longer evenings. Getting to the beach or out in the boat, or even enjoying September finals football, whichever code you follow. For the homeowner or the Property Manager you’ve dealt with the many roof and gutter leaks, pilot lights going out and Hot water units abruptly coming to the end of their lives! The good news is that most of those issues are now behind you for the next 8-9 months, however, another plumbing related issue will likely become more prevalent……. and that is blocked drains!

Blocked drains tended to become more of an issue as the spring weather sets in and everything starts to grow faster with more sunlight on offer. Tree roots become a major issue and can cause major blockages that need to be addressed quickly. In order to clear tree roots out of drains you need a drainage machine with a cutting head on it, it can clear blockages and remove any roots that may have found their way into your pipework. All of On Tap Plumbing & Gas’s vehicles are equipped with both small and large drainage machines, which means we can deal with almost any blocked drain we encounter. (without having to go away and get the required tools).

Secondly, if this blocked drain issue is something that happens on a regular basis, it might be worth giving some consideration to replacing a section or all of the affected pipework. We at On Tap are able to identify the problem area and provide a cost-effective solution that solves the problem. Don’t just settle for getting the drains unblocked every 6-12 months, some companies may enjoy the repeat business this generates, however On Tap Plumbing & Gas prefer to find a permeant solution that reduces the costs in the long run and eliminates the stressful situation from the occurring.