Summer in Perth – An ideal time for Maintenance

21 February 2019    Blocked Drains

Summer is out in force in Perth, the Scarborough beach markets are packed, Elizbeth Quay is playing host to beer festivals and Little Creatures in Fremantle may need to bring in a couple of barges to handle all the lunch patrons on a Sunday.


While that is all taking place, the rental market in Perth seems to be on the up! This is great news for many people, most notably Property Managers, Trades, Homeowners and Investors. Summer is also a great time to get any outstanding maintenance issues attended too. If the gutters need replacing, or the soak wells need cleaning out, or the HWU needs a service, now is an ideal time. Regular maintenance on your property can save you money in the long run and reduce the chances of an unexpected expensive issue occurring. Servicing your HWU can extend the life significantly and ensure a largely expensive exercise is postponed for 3-5 years. Likewise, if you are having repeated issues with blocked drains, it might be worth getting them cleared and perhaps even replaced. Often tree roots enter the old earthenware pipe and will continue to create havoc if not dealt with properly. We are able to get these issues resolved for you quickly and effectively, so you are not having to pay for someone to come and clear them every 3-6 months.

We pride ourselves on communication, customer service and doing what’s best for the client. If you look after your clients, they will continue to use you, and it is much easier for a business to grow with repeat business rather than having to chase new business all the time. If you have any plumbing related issues that need attention, please give the office a call on 1800 882 249.