Water Leaks and Leak Allowance Criteria

25 March 2019    Burst Pipes



We often get called out to attend to possible water leaks and we are sometimes asked to complete a leak allowance form, in order for the client to recoup some of the lost water cost. We thought it would be useful to provide some further information around the criteria that Water Corp may consider a refund.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for a leak allowance, the following criteria must be met:

  • The leak must be hidden and not visible, such as underground or in a cavity wall
  • Leaks must be identified and repaired within 30 days of the bill issue date
  • Customers can apply for one (1) allowance per owner per property every five (5) years
  • Leak allowances granted will cover only a portion of the total water use. A limit of 1000 kL per allowance is applied
  • Internal plumbing repairs must be completed by a Licensed Plumber and the necessary certificate/s completed.







If we do attend to a job where the above criteria are met (and you would like us to complete a leak allowance) we require a copy of the latest water bill. Once we receive that, will complete our section and the send it back to you so the bill-payer can apply for a refund.

(Please note- in some situation’s Water Corp may not provide a refund)

An allowance will not be considered:

  • for leaks and/or bursts that occur on internal or external taps; internal appliances, fixtures or fittings including air conditioners, dishwashers, swimming pools, hot water systems, toilet cisterns and valves
  • when the leak is visible
  • when the leak on the internal plumbing is not repaired (or verified) by a licensed plumber
  • when the garden irrigation system does not as a minimum have a manual isolation valve and master solenoid installed
  • when the internal plumbing is open-ended (i.e. not connected to anything)
  • for plumbing that is not compliant with government regulations
  • for vacant or unattended premises that are not inspected and maintained regularly