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Zac on the drain machine

Plumbing Tips for Winter in Perth

18 June 2019    Blocked Drains, Hot Water, Roofing issues
Getting Prepared for Winter: Winter is well and truly with us today Perth. Temperatures of 4-5 degrees this morning reminded me of my many winters in London! Given we are only halfway through June, it… Read More...
New Hot Water System installation

Winter in Perth – A great time to have Hot Water

7 May 2019    Hot Water
Winter is the time of year you really need a warm shower to wake yourself up in the mornings! Having no hot water is not something you want occurring at your rental property or… Read More...

Winter is Coming! Plumbing Maintenance Considerations

17 April 2019    Hot Water
Winter is coming! Not only to Westeros but to Western Australia and the wider Perth region. While the chill facing Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen has the potential to be more catastrophic than what… Read More...

Customer Service and Communication: Beware of the Cheapest!

22 March 2019    Hot Water
Three key themes I hear when talking to people about trades and in particular Plumbers is that you don’t turn up on time, you didn’t clean up after yourself and you are too expensive…. Read More...

Choosing a Hot Water System: Storage Tank or Continuous Flow?

17 May 2018    Hot Water
The next decision, after heating method (see Choosing a Hot Water System: Electric, Gas or Solar?), is whether you go for a system with a tank, or one that heats water as needed. Storage… Read More...
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