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Customer Service and Communication: Beware of the Cheapest!

22 March 2019    Hot Water
Three key themes I hear when talking to people about trades and in particular Plumbers is that you don’t turn up on time, you didn’t clean up after yourself and you are too expensive…. Read More...

Choosing a Hot Water System: Storage Tank or Continuous Flow?

17 May 2018    Hot Water
The next decision, after heating method (see Choosing a Hot Water System: Electric, Gas or Solar?), is whether you go for a system with a tank, or one that heats water as needed. Storage… Read More...
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New Hot Water System installation

Choosing a Hot Water System: Electric, Gas or Solar?

15 May 2018    Hot Water
Winter is coming Perth! And that means not only do you have to worry about White Walkers and the Army of the Dead, but your Hot Water System. When a hot water system goes… Read More...