Customer Service and Communication: Beware of the Cheapest!

22 March 2019    Hot Water

Three key themes I hear when talking to people about trades and in particular Plumbers is that you don’t turn up on time, you didn’t clean up after yourself and you are too expensive. Now two of those we have easily resolved, we communicate with our clients to ensure they know exactly when to expect us. And we have GPS in the vans and an internal scheduling system that allows us to see if one of our technicians is running behind and might not make their next time slot. We will either put that job on one of the others (most often) or call to see if we are able to attend slightly later.

Secondly, we take before and after photos on every job and our staff will always upload a photo of the site clean and tidy before leaving. They understand they are working in someone’s home or workplace and it is extremely important to be respectful of that fact, by ensuring you leave the place cleaner than when you found it and taking all rubbish and materials with you.

The final point is around the price of Plumbers and other Trades. Price in certainly important in any business providing goods or services, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for. There are some company’s out there that will appear to be cheaper and even market themselves as the cheapest in town. Often, they just charge a lower minimum fee or reduced call out rate, but in actual fact, they spend more time on site and have to travel to wholesalers for materials, which overall makes them more expensive. We have a view that being honest and upfront about pricing ensure our clients come back time and time again. As a business we are set up for maintenance plumbing and gas-fitting, our staff are experienced and our vans have the correct stock and tools to undertake almost every job, without needing to make trips to wholesalers. With greater experience and the correct materials, we spend less time on site and therefore save the client money! Our service level saves our Property Manager clients time, which means they are free to focus on other aspects of their role, without having to constantly wonder if the plumber has received the job, if the issue has been resolved and what the costs are. Peace of mind and trust come with being honest and upfront and always having our client’s best interests at heart.

If you are a Property or Facilities Manager that doesn’t have enough time in the day, give On Tap a call and we can assist by reducing the amount of time and disruption plumbing, gas-fitting, and drainage maintenance issues have on your day to day!