Plumbing Tips for Winter in Perth

18 June 2019    Blocked Drains, Hot Water, Roofing issues

Getting Prepared for Winter:

Winter is well and truly with us today Perth. Temperatures of 4-5 degrees this morning reminded me of my many winters in London! Given we are only halfway through June, it is likely that we better get used to this for the next 2 and a half months.  Some helpful tips to reduce the chances of something going wrong with your rental or personal property!

Tip One:

Hot water units are the major concern when it comes to winter, as they often split or stop working for some reason. To extend the life of your Hot Water Unit, it is important you get it serviced regularly. Or at the very least make sure you operate the relief valves to ensure they are in good working order. By doing so you ensure the warranty stays valid and you should extend the life of your unit. If you need some advice or have any issues, give On Tap Plumbing & Gas a call!

Tip Two:

Are you finding that you seem to be running out of hot water, or your water is not getting hot at all! It might be time to look at changing the system, often as units get older they become less efficient and burn more gas or use more electricity to heat the water to the required temperature. Don’t wait for the large gas or electricity bill before you do something. Get in touch with On Tap Plumbing & Gas to ensure your unit is in good working order, or for a quote to upgrade your current system.

Tip Three:

Make sure you clean out your gutters and ensure all downpipes and soakwells are clear and in good working order. Often it takes a heavy rainfall for us to notice that there is an issue. We start to see water overflowing out of the gutters or onto the ground around the soakwells. Get in touch with On Tap Plumbing & Gas if you need us to ensure all your gutters, downpipes and soakwells are working correctly.

Tip Four:

Drains can be a major issue at any time of the year, but particularly in winter and spring when there is a lot of rain around. Old pipework can allow tree roots to enter your drains and cause them to block up! If you are noticing water start to drain away slower than normal or hear a gurgling sound when water is flushed down the drains – it could indicate there is a problem somewhere in the line. Get in touch with On Tap Plumbing & Gas, we can clear your drains and provide permanent solutions to ensure blocked drains are not an on-going problem at your home or investment property.

Zac on the drain machine