Winter is Coming! Plumbing Maintenance Considerations

17 April 2019    Hot Water

Winter is coming! Not only to Westeros but to Western Australia and the wider Perth region. While the chill facing Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen has the potential to be more catastrophic than what Perth may be facing, it still pays to be prepared.

As the temperature drops and the rain comes in there are certain things that Owners and Property Managers should give some thought too. Firstly, with a change in temperature comes the likelihood of older Hot Water Units splitting and needing attention. Keep an eye out for leaks in and around the Units and perhaps inform tenants to keep an eye out as well. When a Hot Water Unit goes, it normally happens at the worst possible time, either 5pm on Friday or over the long weekend, when nothing is open and getting approval to replace can be difficult. We at On Tap are set up to assist and can ensure there is minimal disruption to tenants, we are available 24/7 and can get a new unit installed quickly!

Another consideration with Winter coming, is the increased amount of rain and the issues that come with that. Over the summer your gutters, downpipes and soakwells may very well have filled up with dirt and leaves and may block up. It pays to check them over and ensure they are working correctly so you don’t get a nasty surprise of water pouring through your ceiling in the middle of the night. Furthermore, it might be worth getting some overflows cut into your gutters, that way if they do block up they will spill out safely and not cause damage to your property. We at On Tap are happy to assist and can provide a quote to install overflows in your gutters at your home or commercial property.

Lately, roof leaks! With heavy rain, and the expansion and contraction (that has taken place over the summer) can affect the joins and seals on your roof. If you have any roof leaks, we can attend to these quickly and ensure they are taken care of before they create major issues internally.

Winter is coming, but if you are prepared it should hopefully pass you by without any major incidents or costs!