Winter in Perth – A great time to have Hot Water

7 May 2019    Hot Water

Winter is the time of year you really need a warm shower to wake yourself up in the mornings! Having no hot water is not something you want occurring at your rental property or your own home.

Perth during the winter months often experiences cold nights and mornings, followed by warm sometimes hot afternoons. What this means for Hot water units, particularly storage ones, is a constant changing of temperature, which means they expand and contract regular and this can cause the tank to split, resulting in a replacement being needed.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order for Hot Water Unit’s to last longer, they require servicing on a regular basis. Much like a car, if you want it to last and keep running correctly you get it serviced regularly. If you do the same for your Hot Water system you will find its life expectancy will increase greatly. Feel free to give us a call if you need your Hot water system serviced!

Keep in mind, Hot Water Units carry different warranties, ranging from 5-10 years. However, something to be aware of is that parts tend to only carry a warranty of 12 months. If a part needs replacing, they can often cost significant amounts so sometimes (depending on the age of the unit) it might be worth replacing the unit itself.

As any Property Manager knows, if a Hot Water Unit is going to fail, it will likely occur over the weekend or on a Friday afternoon at 5 pm! Great news for Perth based Property Managers, we at On Tap Plumbing & Gas are available 24/7 to assist. So don’t worry if a tenant calls you on Saturday, we can help, we have access to suppliers and are often able to arrange for a new unit to be supplied and installed the same day.

New Hot Water System installation